Parenting and Children

IMG_0488Are you afraid to set limits with your child? Does parenting just seem overwhelming at times?  Becoming an effective parent requires learning how to balance control and connection. Too much or too little of either creates rebellion or unruliness. By contrast, when control and connection are balanced and experienced in healthy doses, respect and responsibility grow.

The key to great parenting is hidden inside of you. When you learn how to manage your strengths and weaknesses, you will discover a parenting style that works. Understanding the difference between the parent that you have become and the parent that your child needs, provides the pivot point for growth and success.

One of the greatest challenges in life is raising children. I have over 40 years of personal experience in parenting and grandparenting, in addition to professional training and experience. I have parenting solutions from babyhood dilemmas to the complex issues of trying to parent adult children. I work with both parents and children to create a more calm and loving atmosphere within the family.